Sports Day at Gonville Academy

The field was bursting with activity during our Sports Days this year where our 4 houses, Adams (blue), Taylor (yellow), Murray (green) and Hamilton (red) went head-to-head in a range of sporting tasks. From tug of war to javelin to the 100m dash, everyone got in involved to show their talent and fair-game spirit.

And the winners of this year’s Sports Day…well it has to be the entire community as it was the first time that we were able to  host our Sports Day in a long while. Last year it was cancelled due to the extreme heat, the year before it was limited due to being in our Covid bubbles and the year before that Covid school closure had sports days across the country cancelled. So it is fair to say that the real winners were the children who were able to take part and the parents who were able to visit (and take part in some parent races too!)

As for the Sports Day trophy, it proudly shines for all to see donning a fabulous bright red ribbon. Well done House Hamilton!